where to buy old facebook account

What can you do with facebook accounts?

pvafb.com is best store to buy aged facebook accounts

facebook accounts are considered to be  assets but not many people know this attribute. This means that your facebook account can have demand, price and supply. Therefore, you can manage and start your own business.

Facebook accounts are more likely to be like alcohol. How?! I’m gonna tell you how. Old facebook accounts have higher prices than newly made ones, so the older the account is , the higher price it will have. Don’t get surprised! The price differs from one account to another; some accounts may cost 7.99USD or even 30USD.

Who Buys Facebook accounts and Why?

Facebook is a social network that has a 2B followers and users around the world. Those users or followers buy or sell goods or even provide services estimated of millions of dollars. Therefore, you can reach the target audience and use the advertising tools targeting them, through making or buying a facebook account. a lot of people tend to buy accounts to get started in their business easily and quickly. Note the following reasons why people and companies may buy facebook accounts:

  1. Companies and business owners who are advertising and marketing. These work in advertising on Facebook and therefore they need to reach as many users as possible. Because the higher no. of users they reach, the more sign ups and sales they can manage. Unluckily, Facebook has some limitations in this case; they face some restrictions, blocking or unsafe advertisers. Thus, these people or companies deeply need dozens or even hundreds of facebook accounts. Accordingly, they can buy new ones when any account gets limitations or blocks to continue their business ..
  2. Developers and IT companies.  Facebook accounts operates well on their work -like building their software, scripts or tools.
  3. Traders and retailers in Social media network .they make business by reselling accounts and then run website stores and sell the accounts they’ve bought somewhere else.
  4. Connecting to a wide range of customers among other social media networks.so, it’s the best place to start your inline business on.

The best place to buy Facebook Accounts

If you decided to start your business using facebook.It is recommend buying some facebook accounts, to avoid the restrictions and account block which affect your business. But note, you have to choose a reliable and trusted website to buy your account from. I recommend you to enter this website to buy a facebook account.

www.pvafb.com  .this website offers online support, stable prices that fits all, various payment methods and refund policies.

There  you will find a very high quality accounts with prices that’s fits all, beside giving you a 100 hour guarantee,and the most important thing it gives you a 100% money back guarantee.

Facebook Accounts Quality in pvafb.com

1~ the capability to use it from any country
2~ different ages Facebook accounts
3~easily  add the school, university, work, hometown, current cit in your profile .
4~100% Real and active accounts.
5~ Every account is created using  separate IP address from USA, UK, CA.

Don’t get surprised!! It’s real. What you have to do is t enter that website and click to buy facebook account.

Then manage your own business and get profit.

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