Why to buy facebook accounts?

Why to buy facebook accounts?

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  • Facebook, provides an online social networking services  which anyone in this world can use Thus, facebook has millions of monthly users around the world.
  • You can use Facebook accounts to build and promote your business – for instance, using them for marketing purposes.
  • Facebook is widest  social network in the whole world. It has more than 1.8 billion active users per month.
  • You can save your time ,efforts  and cost as you need more phone numbers to register and to verify Facebook accounts.

The advantages of our facebook accounts?

  • We provide aged Facebook accounts created 7 to 11 months ago. In your online business, you need old accounts to compete well the other competitors. Don’t start your business and marketing with newly made accounts to avoid getting banned.
  • Our aged Facebook accounts are provided with  marketplace. There  you can list item on the marketplace for buy and selling.
  • We provide a PVA Facebook accounts  ( Phone Verified Accounts )created with unique and safe IP address. You can use the PVA accounts to promote your business without any restrictions. 
  • Our Facebook accounts are guaranteed and genuine ,therefore you can run ads campaigns on Facebook and without you’ll not be able to work.
  • We give you a guarantee of replacement .
  • There is no option to choose the gender of the account.
  • We have  a highly qualified service providers with the highest score . They are evaluated based on their quality, reliability, delivery speed and price.
  • Our Service providers are handpicked to deliver your order. They have  delivered thousands of account orders and provided dozens of high quality services.
  • We are credible , so don’t waste your time with the wrong ones.

How to buy our Facebook Accounts?

  • After payment, you will get an access to a dashboard to track your order.
  • You need to give us the necessary info. as required in the dashboard.
  • if your Paypal email is different from your customer email, we may need to confirm your email
  • Your order will be processed instantly or  may be within 24 hours or less .

Can I buy safe Facebook Accounts?

Once you made or buy a facebook account, you have to follow the safety measures . otherwise ,your accounts will get blocked .Here are some of the common safety measures you must follow to avoid accounts ban including:

  • DON’T use public VPN to log in.
  • DON’T use more than1 account on the same browser/device.

We are  NOT responsible for getting banned due to not following these safety measures.

Is the submission of Facebook Accounts fast?

It depends on your order,  but it range approximately less than 24 hours.

What about the prices? Do prices fit all?

  • We provide most affordable prices that fits all with the best and safest quality.
  • our prices is cheap compared with othe competitors, when  considering  the high quality of  our services.
  • BE CAREFUL of the very cheap Facebook Account s. They  may  be fraud or using bot traffic. According to experience of the users ,94% of the cheapest service providers are fraud or even bad services.

Is  bulk Facebook Accounts an aged accounts with friends?

Buying  bulk Facebook accounts are aged accounts. But note, usually bulk accounts come with zero friends or sometimes a minimum number of friends (not guaranteed).

If you are wondering where to purchase  real aged Facebook accounts . you are in the perfect place to buy.

www.pvafb.com  you will find a high quality accounts with prices that’s fits all,

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