Why Do people buy Facebook accounts?

Why Do people buy Facebook accounts?

People can use facebook for many  purposes .some use facebook to get daily updates and news. others want to get entertainment . some others find their own world there. For those, they can sign up to their accounts and start updating and entertainment as well.

But For people who seize facebook to promote business, they absolutely need more than one account. That’s because using one account and promoting your business on ,means too much promotion, and therefore,  there is high chances for that account to be blocked by Facebook . besides, having several account can enlarge your network and audiences. That is a account with a high  number of friends inside, help you increase exposure whenever you post something about your business. 

Moreover, people do buy Facebook accounts since facebook is the platform where every individual in the world use.So they use accounts for driving traffic to their business .That means they want to create awareness of their business to a wider audience who is daily active.

Other than that, using Facebook and uploading appropriate content , you can get recognized quickly and widen your audience from different counties. Therefore, you’ll boost your business .

Additionally,  People do buy Facebook accounts to run FB campaigns. They can drive traffic to their websites or send traffic to their Campaigns. Those people run companies and get money when  someone just signups. They share the link on their Facebook pages to drive traffic, imagine !Out of 100 people who visit the website, if 10 people sign up , they make $40 a day !

You need an old Facebook account to run the campaign, since Facebook detects new accounts , therefore facebook block those new accounts when making any campaign .Thus, to get an old account ,just buy credible one and manage your own compaign and get money.

Some business managers on facebook buy a lot of accounts , to easily control likes on a page. This way they get a wide range of audience. Also, they comment from different profiles to look natural and credible. As a lot of followers consider and read the comments . At the same time, they  share and promote anything from different accounts to get more exposure

How can you buy Facebook accounts?

When deciding to buy a facebook account , search for a credible seller and consider the following things: 

  1. Verified accounts . This means that when you buy our Facebook accounts, Facebook won’t ask you to verify the accounts because it’s vetified.
  2. Geographically appropriate accounts.This means that the accounts to suit your country. For instance, if you are from the US, the accounts should have real American names not Chinese.
  3. PVA Supported Facebook Accounts. PVA supported accounts can become an  app on the mobile ,so you do not have to rely only on computer to use this Facebook account.
  4. Validity Time Range. Consider the validity time period on Facebook account  you want to buy. Choose one that have a good validity time.
  5. Cookie Friendly Facebook Accounts. choose one that are cookie enabled. This is very important for the widening of your page.

This website gives you all the details you need for the accounts. it is also convenient

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