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Facebook has become an integral part of our lives amongst other social networking. It became difficult now for anyone to start his/her day without uploading their photos or sharing their status to their friends on Facebook. There, you can get instance responses and user’s traffic within certain minutes. Thus, facebook has become the basic line of life in this world. Genus people seize this attribute to their behalf, How come?!! Yes, they seize the huge no. of followers and users in this place and start their business. They can manage marketing and advertising and finally getting dozens of dollars a day. Would you like to be one of those geniuses? Read this article carefully to know how to be a genius and start your own business.

Why to use facebook and how?

As I mentioned above, genius people use facbook to manage their own business online.  They are targeting the enormous no. of facebook users whom can’t be found in any other social networking. In facebook, you can find followers and users around the whole world. If you are a genius and want to spread and improve your business or anyone who wants to start his/her business, then start it using facebook.to do this you have 2 ways: the first to create facebook accounts and the other is buying one.

Why to buy a facebook account?

If you are managing your business online on facebook,it is recommend to buy facebook accounts rather than creating ones, there are a lot of reasons to do so:

Creating accounts takes a lot of times as some accounts has some restrictions and even sometimes it blocks, therefore, you must have more than 2 accounts to be able to compete others. But buying one happens within seconds, you don’t have to waste your time. Additionally, Facebook accounts are the best and easiest way of getting competitive advantage over your business domain.

With advancement of time and no. of people involved in social media, buying Facebook accounts has become a normal practice for those who invest in buying as they want to boost their business.

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Types of Facebook Accounts to consider

There are two types of Facebook accounts :

  1. Regular Facebook Accounts
  2. Phone Verified Facebook Accounts

Regular Facebook Accounts

These are a high quality and genuine accounts made with unique IP. The owners have to provide complete profile beside the profile picture. At the same time , they are provided with confidential password, Facebook login credentials and a DOP.

You can buy this kind of accounts with different prices. Its price differs as sellers introduce different packages for their customers. You can buy regular Facebook accounts with the most affordable package.

Phone Verified Facebook Accounts

This kind of Facebook accounts provide you with the maximum account privacy, thus, it is safe enough for you. Additionally, this kind save you from account hacking. Each account is provided with complete profile details and profile picture. Moreover, and most importantly, it is verified with a unique phone number. Sellers always send to their customers, the account’s login details, password and DOP. All details are delivered after  24-48 hours  from purchasing any  Facebook account.

Beside all of this, this kind of accounts are available with different packages and you can buy them with your desired price.

You can buy these Facebook accounts with multiple friends to widely widespread your business. This trend is highly appreciated in the business world and increasing fans through this method has become common.

Things to consider when buying a facebook account.

 Before purchasing Facebook accounts, make sure that the following prerequisites are full filled.

Cookie enabled Accounts with friends

It is very effective for your accounts to be a cookie enabled, in order to grow and widely spread your business page.

These cookies are projected to easily search the target customers. Additionally, they are typically used to help websites remember that you’ve logged in, or perhaps to store your personal preferences for that website

Facebook Accounts supported with PVA

Accounts supported with PVA can become a mobile phone app on your smart phone, so you do not have to rely only on your desktop to use this Facebook account.

  • Buy Facebook Account for Advertisement Purpose

Advertisement is the only thing that helps to flourish your business and gather more web traffic. Thus, make sure to buy advertisement friendly Facebook accounts. It is suggested to check that the account you are buying is formulated with RDSL IP’s. In short, if you want to get advertisements with your account, you have to get special membership for this purpose.

  • PVA Facebook Account

compared to non PVA accounts ,the PVA accounts are considered more beneficial, so check buying a PVA  Facebook account because the PVA Facebook accounts are registered with your particular phone number.

  • Flexible Accounts Login

You’d better buy Facebook accounts which are easy to login and there are no hard and fast rules to get logged in. this helps buyers especially buyers who perform various tasks along with their Facebook account that may take time.

Validity Time Range

Take into consideration, the validity period of time for Facebook account you are managing to buy. When these accounts surpass their validity period, they get expired  and therefore get block or ban.So,  to avoid banning of your account, you should always check  the expiry date of the account you  purchased.

  • Buy Facebook Accounts through Authenticated Sources

Consider a reliable and trust website to buy from. There are lot of fake Facebook account sellers who are involved in conducting selling business with fake accounts or under illegal practices.

Location Oriented Facebook Accounts

It is highly recommended to buy location based PVA Facebook account, to help you change your location yourself and anytime you like

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