How to recover the disabled Facebook account in 2020

How to recover the disabled Facebook account in 2020

When your account gets disabled, it means you’re no longer visible to other people. Once that happens, your account is practically ghost. Until you get it re-enabled, it will stay that way.

When this happens, all your information, like your tags, the things you post and so on. Basically everything that is concerned with your current Facebook account gets taken off the Facebook servers or shelved somehow. This way, you need to recover the disabled Facebook account immediately, because when the Facebook account gets disabled, it will be hidden from anyone and everyone.  Even search engines will not be able to find it.

You may be wondering why you can be disabled. You might face a disabled Facebook account as a result of some of these reasons. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • A Facebook account might be disabled if found to be violating their terms and conditions. Read the terms of Facebook.
  • It can also be disabled if you sign into your account from an unknown location or new location.
  • When you create a fake profile on Facebook.
  • If you do not follow Facebook’s community standards.
  • If a lot of people report your profile as spam or as an account that is considered inappropriate, your account might get a ban, or it will be disabled.
  • If the type of content that you post on your Facebook profile page in any way violates the standard rules and regulations of Facebook.
  • If you Impersonate someone on Facebook.
  • If you join a large number of inappropriate groups.
  • If you approach other users rudely and they report you. Facebook has policies against misdemeanour that includes harassment, bullying or any kind of inappropriate behaviour.
  • If there is an illegal access to your account.
  • If you do not use your Facebook account for a long period of time. Maybe a year or two.

How to recover your account

There are two forms you can fill to help you do this.


Click here to access the first form.

This is useful for those users who know just where they went wrong and want to appeal to Facebook’s better nature that they will do better.

If you’re sure that you have not violated any rule of Facebook or maybe you’re not sure why your account was taken down, then this isn’t the form you’re to fill.

The link above shows you a few blanks to fill.

Here are the basic steps to fill this form:

First, enter your email address or phone number associated with the Facebook account in the provided slot.

Be sure that this is the registered phone number or email IDs connected with your Facebook account.

Enter the Full name associated with your Facebook account.

Click in “choose files”.

Now select a valid means of identification.

Next step is to wait until your account gets recovered.

This is a straightforward fill for those who know the terms they have violated.

Proof Document Details

The medium of identification you’re attaching with your appeal must have your full name, date of birth, and proof of residence that is on your profile. It is important to note that details mentioned in the document you’re sharing with Facebook must match the details you have with your disabled Facebook account. If the details do not match, you will not be able to recover your account.

Also, you can submit a scanned copy of these below means of identification on jpg ( image format.)

Birth certificate


Voter ID card

Vehicle insurance card

Tax Identification Card

Driving License

Personal insurance card

Marriage certificate


For those that want to write a lengthy note alongside their appeal mostly aimed at being transparent,  this is for you. Click here to access the form 2.

It is for those that don’t know why their account was disabled and want to get it back.

It helps you give your side of the story and give them a chance of treating you fairly. Simply follow the prompts and fill in these as you go.


  • Enter your full name that is on disabled Facebook account.
  • Mention your date of birth in the appropriate order.
  • From the ‘Additional Info’ tab, this is where you’re able to fill in your side of the story, clarify and make your stand in the whole thing known. You can tell them you were not aware or something that is beyond just a straight appeal. It gives you the chance to reason with them in your text.
  • Enter your email address or phone number associated with the disabled Facebook account.
  • Press ‘Send’ and wait for the response.

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