How To Create A Facebook Account In The Absence Of Any Email Address Or Phone Number

How To Create A Facebook Account In The Absence Of Any Email Address Or Phone Number

One of the biggest social platforms you can find yourself is Facebook. Over the years, Facebook has garnered over 2 billion users, and still counting. Notwithstanding, there are some new privacy policies that are being introduced into Facebook that seem to be generating some real controversies. I’ve heard so many people say – why must I register on Facebook with my email or phone number?

If you think like that, then know that you are not alone. Everyone wants their data to be protected online as much as they can.

But you know what – you must not provide your sensitive details before you can have a Facebook account opened. As a matter of fact, you can create a Facebook account without an email address. I get it! You are saying – what about a phone number as an alternative verification means? Please do not break your head because there is also a way you can register without a phone number.

There are a few tricks you can use to go passed this Facebook security wall, and I will be spelling those out for you here;

How to create your Facebook account without any email address

The internet has impacted our lives in such a way that almost everybody now has an email address or two. But with the slightest possibility that you lack any or you are not ready to divulge your account to Facebook, you can have the account opened with a temporary email account. With a disposable email address you can have a valid email account for up to 15mins. After that time, the email will not be available since it will have been disposed by the email service provider. During that 10 to 15 minutes timeframe, one will have gotten their confirmation from Facebook and can easily move ahead.

Follow the steps below to get started on the process;

  1. You need to begin with a temporal email address like any of the ones below;






  • Create your email address upon visiting any of the sites. Sometimes all you may be asked to do is just click on generate and you are done. Buy Facebook Accounts -Buy Facebook accounts with marketplace :pvafb
  • Use that email address to create your Facebook account. To be more secured in the process, you can get into incognito mode in your browser. Buy Facebook Accounts -Buy Facebook accounts with marketplace :pvafb
  • After using the parameters to open your Facebook account, you will be asked to show the code that was sent to your email. At that time, you can easily retrieve the code that has been sent to the email.
  • After entering the confirmation on your email, your account will be successfully created.

How you can create your Facebook account without any phone number

Another alternative to this is by creating a Facebook account without using my real phone number. You will, however, need a disposable phone number before you can do this. Just like you have disposable emails, so also do disposable phone numbers exist. They allow you receive a confirmation email, then they are no more.

Though the difference between disposable emails and phone numbers is that while the latter is solely unique to one person, a disposable phone number may be shared by more than one individual. In essence, when you see a phone number which has been used by another person to create an account, you just need to look for another. The list is always updated every week or month.

Having said that, let us see how a Facebook account can be created without any phone number;

  1. Open up a website where temperoary phone numbers are provided. A good example is SMSReceiveFree. It’s on
  2. You will choose a country. For this service, you can go with US or Canada.
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  • You will choose of any of the available numbers that are there. No option for you to create your own number.
  • When you are done choosing, you will see the phone number alongside some messages it has been sent because someone else may have used the number before. Buy Facebook Accounts -Buy Facebook accounts with marketplace :pvafb
  • Open Facebook page and do the registration with this phone number. And you will be sent a confirmation code.
  • Congratulations! You just successfully opened a Facebook account without any phone number.

Privacy protection

With these steps, you are going to be protecting your online accounts properly. Not just on Facebook alone but on every other platform you have account with. Cybercriminals are everywhere. They are trying to hack into people’s account now and then. As I speak with you, someone just tried hacking into my FB account. That is why you keep getting spam emails and plenty of annoying text messages even when you have not disclosed these to anyone. You think those things happened by chance? No! Those are the handiwork of hackers too.

You need to be extra cautious when you are doing any online transaction. Even when you are opening an account. If you are registering with a site you have trust issues with, do so with these temporary emails or numbers. You don’t have to pay for them, which is the more reason why you should use them. That is how you can sign up with any website and still sleep during the night because you would not have anything to lose.

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